Brackla Primary School – ‘Local Heroes’

Brackla School

Every Friday morning, the children from Brackla Primary take part in an enrichment session, learning life skills or doing activities they might not normally do at home or in school. The children will do 4 different activities over four weeks before swapping over to another group/activity.

Our group is called ‘Local Heroes’. Local Heroes is all about giving back to the community we live in and taking on tasks that will enable us to help out the best we can in various different ways. Along the way we also learn to respect our community, as well as its residents and each other. Respect is also our school value of the month.

Our 4 week cycle involves: 1, A community litter pick around Brackla, focusing on the main hub including; the church, the shops, community centre, dentists, doctors, woods and main parks. 2, The Great British Beach Clean, helping the wider community and looking after our local beaches and it’s wildlife. 3, Conservation work at Tremains Woods, helping the local Rangers to look after and maintain our local woodland and protect its wildlife. 4, Lending a hand at Bryn-Y-Cae residential home, meeting the residents for a chat, dance or sing song whilst also helping the staff to maintain the grounds and equipment or anything else they may require.


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Brackla Primary

Brackla School

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