Community Centre Memorial Display?

We Need Your Help!

We need your help!

Brackla Community Council are looking to create a memorial display in Brackla Community Centre to thank all the Key Workers that have put their lives at risk throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic. We will be creating a Rainbow from words and quotations from members of the public, which will be put into Perspex and displayed inside the Community Centre, this is where we need your help.

We would like to get as many people involved in this project as we can, so we are asking you to send us a few words, a sentence of thanks or something relating to what lockdown has meant for you! As this is a generic display of thanks, please do not include personal information or names, however if you wish to say thanks to an organisation as a whole that you feel has helped throughout this time, please do so.

If you would like to get involved, you can either email us at Use our Contact Form on our website or write in the comments on our Facebook Page.

Please send them to us by Sunday 2nd May 2021 ?

Thank you!

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