Dog Bag Delivery

Dog poo bags distribution

We are looking to re-introduce giving out Dog Poo Bags to Brackla Residents, but as the office remains closed until further notice we are setting up a temporary delivery service.

The service will run on a 2 week booking, 5 day delivery system to allow plenty of time and people to send us they’re information. The dog bags will be posted through letterboxes so there is no contact and can be delivered whether you are in or not, however the normal 2 bag limit will still apply.

We will be opening up our booking system on Monday 8th June and closing it on Sunday 21st June. Delivering will take place starting on Wednesday 24th. Booking will close through the week of delivery and reopen on the following Monday. It will then run as follows:

Monday 29th – Sunday 5th July – Booking
Wednesday 8th July – Delivering

Monday 13th July – Sunday 26th July – Booking
Wednesday 22nd July – Delivering

We will review this service and continue/stop as necessary

To book a delivery, please fill in the form here:


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