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Brackla Community Council are looking to re-introduce our Dog Poo Bags distribution scheme to Brackla Residents, but as the office remains closed until further notice we are looking to set up a temporary delivery service.

The service will run on a 2 week booking/5 day delivery system to allow plenty of time for people to send us their information. Volunteers will be posting the dog bags through letterboxes so there is no contact and can be delivered whether you are in or not, however the normal 2 bag limit will still apply.

Our first run for example will mean that our booking system will be open from Monday 8th June and closing again on Sunday 21st June. Delivery will then take place between 24th and Sunday 28th June. It will then run as follows:

Monday 25th January – Sunday 7th February – Booking
Wednesday 10th February – Sunday 14th February – Delivering

Monday 15th February – Sunday 28th February – Booking
Wednesday 13rd March – Sunday 7th March – Delivering

Monday 8th January – Sunday 21st March – Booking
Wednesday 24th March – Sunday 28th March – Delivering

We will review this service as necessary. When we are able to reopen the office the service will go back to normal and the public will be able to pick up their bags from the office in the surgery.

To book a delivery, please use the contact form below

If you add yourself to the list during a delivery week, you’ll be added to the next scheduled delivery week only.

If you require more bags you will need to re apply each time you run out for the next delivery slots

All required fields are displayed in red and marked with an asterisk *

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