Pebble Pathway of Hope


As you may have seen, there has been a  ‘Pebble Pathway of Hope’ created in Channel View (just opposite the entrance to Maple Drive), which was first initiated by local resident Seren to say ‘Thank you’ to NHS and Key workers who have continued to work and put themselves at risk during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Local residents/volunteers are currently looking into the possibility of preserving the pathway and making it a permanent feature in Channel View.  In the meantime, with the aim of getting as many people involved as possible we would still like to encourage everyone to get painting and help expand the pathway.  Whether this be a pebble/rock/brick/piece of wood or whatever else you can think of, in any design you can think of – you can still contribute your thanks and recognise the marvellous work of local people during these difficult times and possibly have your design preserved in a display.

Quick Tip!

To help the paint stay on longer and your fantastic design to shine, it would be great if you could paint over it with PVA glue or some form of varnish (with adult supervision where needed of course).

Thank you to those who are giving up their time to look into the preservation of this wonderful display and we look forward to an update.

Take a look at the video below to see what the current Pathway looks like – Thank you to Mark Payn for allowing us to use the video.

Happy Painting!


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