Thank you from the Alzheimer’s Society!

Alzheimer's Society
Thank You Certificate
Thank You Certificate

This week we received a lovely thank you letter and certificate from the Alzheimer’s Society after receiving a cheque from Brackla Community Council from all the fundraising events last year.

The Alzheimer’s Society was chosen by Chairperson Cllr John Spanswick as his charity of the year and throughout 2019/20 all the money raised through Brackla Community Council’s raffles, donations and bucket collections were put towards this fund.

This ‘Thank You’ is therefore to all the residents of Brackla and the surrounding areas for kindly donating to such a worthy cause and helping us to raise an amazing £1031.56!

This money will go towards:

Research – including to find better, more effective treatments for dementia and ultimately a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.
Support services – to provide emotional support and guidance and coping strategies on caring for someone or living with dementia on a daily basis.
Raising awareness – where we are campaigning for earlier diagnosis and more consistent care as well as trying to spread the word to create a more dementia friendly society.

Once again, a massive ‘THANK YOU’ from Brackla Community Council and the Alzheimer’s Society for your kind generosity. Here’s to making Brackla a Dementia Friendly community!

If you or someone you know has been affected by Alzheimer’s or to find more information please visit:

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